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Bird Nest Box Camera Starter Kit by Just Green - Read Reviews or Product Description.

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Product Description
Our kits include the bird box or feeder, adjustable focus black and white or colour camera, integral microphone and all the cable, adaptors and fixing kits you require to get your wildlife camera up and running.

The only other thing you need is a television on which to watch those amazing images! When making your choice of product, it is important to consider the following: Black and White (B & W) or Colour? This is a matter of personal preference and may well come down to the available budget as colour cameras tend to be more expensive.

Wired or Wireless? Nest box camera kits can be supplied with a wired or wireless option. Wired versions are usually cheaper and are supplied with a multi core cable designed to carry the video and audio signal as well as a low voltage supply to power the camera etc. Wired cameras involve passing a cable through a partially open window or door or drilling a more permanent hole through the wall.

Wireless kits have a transmitter built into the camera end and are either supplied with a battery connector or a DC power extension lead. They also have a small receiver which plugs into the television. It is important to note that wireless kits can be affected by any obstructions between the transmitter and receiver. In a typical back garden, good, clear images should only be expected over a range of between 30m and 35m.

This Nest Box Starter Kit is ideal for viewing and listening to small garden birds and includes; 1 x High quality bird box with integrated sliding draw and quick release camera bracket 1 x High quality colour mini video camera Integral microphone User adjustable focus lenses 20m of professional cable - simply attach camera to colour coded connections at one end and plug straight into TV at other end Wired version only) 1 x 12v Regulated Mains Adaptor Fixing kit Instructions


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